You are a data steward

As a researcher, you should make sure that you follow general rules of good research practice in all research steps, from initial idea to usable data. This implies being accountable and responsible for your research data as a data steward. Remember that patients deserve this, society desires it, and funders demand it.

As a data steward, you:

  • are accountable and responsible for your research data;
  • are 'in control' of the complete research data flow;
  • reuse existing data when possible;
  • collaborate with patient organisations throughout your research;
  • protect the privacy and safety of study subjects;
  • apply the FAIR principle;
  • protect the quality of your research and ensure its reproducibility;
  • use available expertise and UMC-advised infrastructure;
  • think ahead about intellectual property rights;
  • share your data responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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