Designing your study

Every study has its own unique design. The NFU strongly recommends consulting experts in the design phase of your study. These experts can help you:

  • ensure that your study questions can be answered;
  • determine the sample size required to get statistically meaningful results;
  • create a data management plan or a statistical analysis plan;
  • choose the most appropriate technique;
  • decide on reuse of data.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use many different techniques to generate data. Familiarity with one technique does not necessarily make that technique the best for your particular research. You should consult experts to make sure you make a good choice.

In data intensive science, it can be very difficult to determine how large your sample should be to get statistically meaningful results. However, scientific reviewers and ethical committees tend to look carefully at this aspect, especially when patients or animals are involved. Optimizing the sample size is often the domain of a specialist.

Registration is obligatory for randomized controlled trials, but nowadays it is often also required for observational research. Basic information about data collection is registered, making registration a quality instrument.