Making a data management plan

The NFU encourages you to create a data management plan at the start of your research project.

A data management plan shows that you have planned how to create, store, archive, and share your data. Many research funders demand a data management plan, sometimes already at the bidding stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many research funders request that you:

  • create and follow a data management plan;
  • preserve data in the long-term;
  • share some or all of your data with the public;
  • share some or all of your data for further research or verification of your research results.

Funding bodies require varying degrees of planning at the bidding stage. They often provide a standard format for data management plans. Funders tend to respond more positively to grant applications with clear data management plans.

Examples of funders that demand a data management plan are:

Examples of data management plans (DMPs) can help you get a sense of issues that you should address. It is, however, unlikely that you can reuse large parts of existing data management plans for your project, because every project is unique. If you need help in writing a data management plan, consider consulting an expert.

Examples of required DMPs by funders:

The University of Cambridge has a section dedicated to  data management on their website. Here you can find information on various aspects of research data management and data sharing.


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The responsibility for planning research data management lies primarily with principal investigators (PIs).

The costs of data management (and a data management plan) can be part of your grant application. Long-term preservation of data after your project has finished can be costly. Libraries or repositories can solve this by pre-payment for fixed long-term storage.

Utrecht University has published a data management cost guide.

For randomized controlled trials, a statistical analysis plan is obligatory. You should always make an analysis plan prior to analysing your data, but it is preferably to already make the plan before you start collecting data. This is because it facilitates proper study design (in-and exclusion criteria, number of study subjects needed, decisions with regard to statistical power, choice of data items to be collected, etc.) We recommend having the plan validated by a statistician.

  • experts within your UMC;
  • experts outside your UMC;
  • online help.


DMP template AMC

DMP template UMCG