Planning data sharing

The NFU encourages responsible data sharing. You should always share your data with monitoring bodies upon request (e.g., internal audits). Sharing with others can range from 'data is findable, but not accessible' to 'data is findable and accessible for everybody for all purposes'. Your sharing policy should take into account a number of considerations (see chapter 'Giving access to your data').

Frequently Asked Questions

Collecting data is expensive. Since it is often paid with taxpayers' money, it has to be reusable so that it does not have to be collected a second time. Society and funding bodies may require your research to be validated and checked by others. You are accountable for giving access to the full data and it is your responsibility to make the data available when such a request appears.

All your research data sets should be findable. This includes any non-sensitive data, metadata, and aggregated data about the study. Sharing your data is discussed in chapter 'Giving access to your data'.

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