The Health-RI website is online!

April 05, 2017 The Health-RI website is online!

Health-RI, the Dutch infrastructure for personalized medicine and health research, has a new website.

In the future, prevention and healthcare will be tailored to the individual citizens, improving population health as well as quality-of-live for patients with (chronic) diseases, and at the same time reducing over-all cost. This movement towards personalized medicine and health requires data – whether it is genomics, metabolomics, bioimaging, tissue samples, real-life clinical, environmental, or lifestyle.

Health-RI aims to enable excellent personalized medicine & health research by facilitating the research process from start to end. To this end Health-RI acts as a public utility with a portfolio of services including catalogues of data, images and samples, ELSI services, a digital research environment and software tools, and a connected data backbone for FAIR data stewardship. By creating this environment, Dutch scientists can maximally use the power of the available resources to successfully develop integrated health and disease models, instrumental in the generation of next level personalized medicine and healthcare solutions.

For more information, please visit the Health-RI website or contact the team via the contact form