Healthcare and scientific research can mutually inform and reinforce each other

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A shared data infrastructure for biomedical research

Handling scientific data responsibly requires a great deal from investigators. The data volume has increased enormously and the requirements placed on handling them are becoming increasingly strict. This applies to requirements regarding privacy, but also to those regarding the use and reuse of data. Research data must be collected, stored, processed, analysed and archived and, what is more, shared with others. Fortunately, some generic solutions for these challenges are available, i.e. research infrastructures, which have been set up to facilitate the handling of scientific data. These research infrastructures comprise not only technical facilities (hard and software), but also focus on quality assurance processes and expertise development of investigators and administrators.


The Netherlands Federation of UMCs has developed this handbook to promote good data stewardship at...

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December 03, 2018

Fruitful workshop at Dataprijs 2018 conference

During the Dutch Dataprijs 2018 conference, Data4lifesciences hosted two sessions on possible working...

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The UMCs and many collaboration partners are participating in the Data4lifesciences programme.

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