Goals and objectives

The aim of the Data4lifesciences programme is to connect local initiatives to national and international infrastructures.

This programme is coordinated by the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU), in conjunction with national programmes such as TralT, BBMRI-NL, PSI, DTL, AcZie, Mondriaan and SURF. Data4Lifesciences will set up an innovative research data infrastructure at, for, by and between the UMCs and their (national and foreign) partners, and will not only comprise technical facilities, but also focus on quality assurance processes and expertise development of investigators and administrators.

The Data4lifesciences programme will have achieved its objectives when:

  • Doctors and investigators working at the UMCs use the research data infrastructure to retrieve clinical and experimental data on all UMC-related patients and make them available to others. The infrastructure will also be used to find and request biological material.
  • The infrastructure forms a national virtual collaborative environment in which data is registered, processed, analysed, archived and shared. The infrastructure is accessible, independently of institution or site.
  • The data is FAIR - Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable - and privacy is safeguarded in the whole process. All data is made available in a scalable, distributed environment, in which the computing capacity needed to process the data is available at national and UMC computing facilities.
  • Investigators and doctors with questions about handling data have an extensive data expertise network available to answer them. These experts in the UMCs are the first point of contact for these questions, and solutions will be sought both inside and outside the UMCs.