Shared infrastructure

A data infrastructure offers the integrated solution for handling scientific data, intended to unburden investigators, and to enable them to make optimal use of the diverse capabilities of IT technology. This envisioned infrastructure has many forms: it comprises an online catalogue of samples in a biobank, a standard method with which data in an Electronic Health Record is made available, privacy regulations, overviews of IT organisations at UMCs, a manual for ‘data stewardship’, a generic way in which data can be exchanged, or an expert who supports an investigator with data issues. The foreseen high quality data infrastructure Data4lifesciences will thus not only consist of technical facilities, but also comprise systems and processes for assuring quality, and have the requisite expertise of investigators and administrators.

Data4lifesciences will assure administrative coordination so that local facilities and expertise networks will be in line with national and international infrastructures and vice versa. You will be able to find information on questions like:

  1. I am carrying out an EU study. May I share participants’ DNA sequences ‘in the cloud’?
  2. I want to combine care and research data in Electronic Health Records. How do I retrieve it?
  3. I have to write a data management plan for a grant application. What are the minimum requirements?
  4. I need a lot of computing capacity for a short while. Where can I get it?
  5. Are the blood samples I need already available somewhere in a biobank so that I do not have to recruit patients again?
  6. My research involves a large number of hospitals. How do I collect the data I need and what do I have to arrange to be able to do so?