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The existence of your data should be clear to potential re-users. To this end, you should at least archive the data at your UMC. Frequently used data types may be submitted to worldwide archives (repositories).

You should adhere to the following principles when you archive your data:

  • apply the FAIR Principles;
  • at least archive your data at your UMC;
  • if applicable, add your data to one or more data repositories specific to your field;
  • register any data that is archived outside your UMC (e.g., at an international data service or domain repository) at your UMC;
  • list the data in an open data catalogue.

The Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe (OpenAIRE) is the recommended entry point for researchers to determine what repository to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use the Toolbox to find archiving solutions at your UMC.