f. Costs of data stewardship

Good data stewardship pays off in the long run, but it comes at an initial price. HANDS-compliant data management plans include a realistic budget earmarked for data stewardship. This may include budget for qualified data stewards.

The costs of data stewardship should be included in your grant application. Explicitly specify the costs for:

  • re-using another data collection;
  • building or using a database;
  • high performance computing;
  • visualising your data;
  • data management;
  • long-term preservation of data in libraries, repositories or archives;
  • Sharing data with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is highly dependent on the uniqueness and complexity of the data. The main advice is to estimate these costs at the start of a new project.

Funders estimate that generally speaking approximately 5-10% of the estimated budget is necessary for data stewardship. A number of tools have been developed to estimate the costs of data stewardship in more detail (see Toolbox).