Fruitful workshop at Dataprijs 2018 conference

December 03, 2018

During the Dutch Dataprijs 2018 conference, Data4lifesciences hosted two sessions on possible working environments for your research.

These sessions called 'Research as a service: the best working environment for your research' attracted both times a full audience of visitors, who were interested in how the various groups of researchers can streamline their research. The research target groups - which type of researcher needs which infrastructure - are primarily described for the UMCs, but were also recognized by the participants of the universities. The underlying document is therefore now being adapted for the entire research field and will be available via the data4lifesciences website. This website also contains HANDS (Handbook for Adequate Natural Data Stewardship), of which the second version was launched in this session. HANDS2.0 contains the data stewardship guidelines for everyone who works in a UMC, but is also an excellent source for everyone else who is looking for information about data stewardship. Finally, two examples of collaborative environments in the cloud have been presented, which researchers can use to process, share and publish optimal research results.

Presentations were given by: