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Nederlandse Federatie van Universitair Medische Centra
Newsletter 1 June 2018

Data4lifesciences news #4

In this fourth newsletter of the UMCs' programme Data4lifesciences, we are highlighting the work package "Harmonisation of IT processes and architecture" coordinated by Jeroen Beliën and Hans van der Berg. Also in this newsletter: an overview of the 2018 themes of the Data4lifesciences program and an item emphasizing the rationale of the Health-RI business plan.

Data4lifesciences news #4
Lego for advanced builders: Harmonising IT architecture at the UMCs
Each UMC has a complex landscape of technical facilities to support its researchers. “This may include data capture software, a virtual...
Data4lifesciences news #4
Data4lifesciences priorities for 2018
Over the past two years the Data4lifesciences programme has laid a solid foundation on its common themes: practical implementation of professional...
Data4lifesciences news #4
Health-RI business plan: to establish the Dutch health research infrastructure
The Health-RI business plan has been developed over the past months based on input and discussions with a comprehensive series of stakeholders. It is...
Data4lifesciences news #4
Upcoming events
Mark your calendars for two data4lifesciences meetings in June and the annual conferences of DTL, Lygature and Health-RI.
Data4lifesciences news #4
Mailings from data4lifesciences
You have probably heard by now about the new General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), that came into effect May 25, 2018. We only use your e-mail...

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