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Nederlandse Federatie van Universitair Medische Centra
Newsletter 25 June 2019

Data4lifesciences news #6

In this sixth newsletter of the UMCs' programme Data4lifesciences, we are highlighting the work package "Good research practice" in the article 'Ensuring data quality, safety, and privacy'. We also give you an update on the transition of Data4lifesciences into Health-RI. Furthermore, we have published an overview on 'research groups and their IT requirements' within the UMCs and we organised two interesting meetings with the SURF SIG working group 'Secure data Linkage' and with Statistics Netherlands.

Ensuring data quality, safety, and privacy
Data4lifesciences aims to facilitate research data sharing between the Dutch UMCs and other life science partners. Data sharing calls for technical...
Data4lifescienes blends into Health-RI
Data4lifesciences (D4LS) was initiated in 2015 as a program of the Dutch UMCs, coordinated by the NFU, aiming to jointly face the main challenges...
Overview of research groups and their IT requirements online
Under supervision of Hans van den Berg (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC), Data4lifesciences has made an overview classifying researchers from the daily...
Data4lifesciences news #6
Community meeting SIG working group ‘Veilige Datakoppeling’ / ‘Secure Data Linkage’
The SIG meeting of April 1st was dedicated to the delivery of the SIG 'Veilige Datakoppeling' toolbox (SIG 'secure data linkage';...
CBS data knowledge symposium
On April 15, Data4lifesciences organized a symposium on the use of CBS data in collaboration with Statistics Netherlands (CBS) hosted at the LUMC. The...

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