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Nederlandse Federatie van Universitair Medische Centra
Newsletter 11 November 2015

Data4lifesciences news #1

In this first newsletter, we would like to introduce you to The Netherlands Federation of UMCs programme Data4lifesciences: what is Data4lifesciences, why do we need this programme, who is involved, and what is the status?

Also in this newsletter more information about HANDS, a product of Data4lifesciences. This Handbook for Adequate Natural Data Stewardship will assist every researcher in their research and provides both guidelines and pratical tools, infrastructure and expertise for handling research data.

Data4lifesciences news #1
Data4lifesciences: towards a national data infrastructure for biomedical research
Biomedical researchers work with increasingly complex and large datasets. In addition, they have to deal with stricter requirements in terms of data...
Data4lifesciences news #1
Personalized medicine: a shared infrastructure is crucial
Scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations create opportunities to tailor healthcare to the individual patient. However, it often takes...
Data4lifesciences news #1
Joining forces
In the Data4lifesciences programme, the eight Dutch UMCs work together with an impressive list of research organisations. Together, they will...
Data4lifesciences news #1
A handbook for data stewardship
The Big Day was 4 November 2015: the Handbook for Adequate Natural Data Stewardship (HANDS) was officially presented at the conference Empowering...
Data4lifesciences news #1
An easier life for researchers
The Data4lifesciences infrastructure should lighten the load of scientists and give them easy access to high-end technology. ´Researchers...

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