1st D4LS symposium

The presentations from the Data4lifesciences symposium are in pdf and listed in the order of the programme:

  1. Opening ~ Jan-Willem Boiten - Programme manager NFU Data4lifesciences; Lygature
  2. Role of data in personalised medicine ~ Edwin Cuppen - Scientific director; Hartwig Medical Foundation
  3. Next-generation design of the research environment for UMCs ~ Hans van den Berg - Enterprise architect; Academic Medical Center
  4. Making data and samples findable and accessible across the Dutch UMCs ~ Morris Swertz - Head staff ‘Research Data & Biobanking’ a.i. and Head Genomics Coordination Center, Department of Genetics; University Medical Center Groningen, BBMRI-NL
  5. From the trenches of IT support for research: a researcher and IT expert about the lessons learned in their collaboration ~ Saskia Haitjema - Data manager UPOD, Laboratory of Clinical Chemistry and Hematology; University Medical Center Utrecht & Marjolein Sijbers-Klaver - ICT consultant team ‘Data solutions & Research ICT’; University Medical Center Utrecht
  6. The digital research environment: safely sharing and using data ~ Arnoud van der Maas - Chief science information officer; Radboud University Medical Center
  7. Systematic use of care data in research - a use case in cancer ~ André Dekker - Clinical data science; MAASTRO Clinic, Maastricht University Medical Center+
  8. Concluding remarks and future Data4lifesciences plans ~ Jaap Verweij - Co-chair Data4lifesciences, immediate past Dean; Erasmus University Medical Center

Report from the Data4lifesciences symposium:

On 11 September 2017, the Centraal Museum in Utrecht hosted the very first Data4lifesciences symposium. D4LS Programme Manager Dr Jan-Willem Boiten: “This symposium was an important milestone for the programme; we presented an overview of our first results.” The symposium report was published in the 3rd newsletter, published in October 2017.