Connecting research

empowering the researcher community to share, use, analyze and archive data in a sustainable way

Modern biomedical research strives for a better understanding of the underlying differences between individual patients leading to different medical outcomes as well as the commonalities between different diseases leading to broader application of treatments. This trend has direct impact on the IT infrastructure supporting research. Collecting and integrating data from different hospitals and the subsequent joint analysis of these data is a major challenge for large national studies. Therefore, this subproject will implement a shared research data platform prototypes with real-life use cases taken from multi-center research project. The ultimate goal is a nationally accessible research infrastructure for sharing and analysis of biomedical data with tight links to both the underlying clinical care systems and the more advanced research tools in the individual institutions. This will be realized on the basis of existing best practices from the UMCs and from national programmes such as Parelsnoer Institute, TraIT, and BBMRI-NL.

Coordination: Radboudumc and UMCU