Collection and harmonisation of guidelines for data stewardship

HANDS - A handbook for adequate natural data stewardship

A data stewardship policy supported by all UMCs is an important condition for the sharing and reuse of research data. This forms the basis for the implementation of the Data4lifesciences infrastructure at the UMCs. This programme line therefore developed an online handbook, HANDS (Handbook for Adequate Natural Data Stewardship), to promote good data stewardship. This handbook with pointers to local and national expertise provides guidelines for researchers at all stages of research. It addresses subjects as protection of privacy, involvement of patients, ethics, the reliability and provenance of data, monitoring quality, legislation and regulations. HANDS is managed as a living set of guidelines: researchers, developers of IT infrastructure, policy makers and other experts are invited to suggest improvements to the HANDS pages on the website.

Coordination: Erasmus MC and UMCU